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Dry van

HMC Dry Vans safely protect your shipments from external environments.

Solidity & Trust

Solidity & Trust

HMC Dry Vans can safely protect and transport everyday things, such as furniture and packages, regardless of changes of external environments. Moreover, it boasts of a galvanized, iron-based, and neat exterior body and a floor made of APITONG wood, thus showing effective corrosion resistance and rigidity.

Refrigerator van

The powerful refrigeration system prevents foods from spoiling during transport.

Frozen & Power

Frozen & Power

With a rigid cargo body and excellent refrigerator specifications, the Refrigerator Van is intended to transport frozen and chilled food to their final destination, while preventing spoilage. As the panel thickness and the refrigerator specifications can be changed depending on the country, various cargo bodies are available for different environments.


Optimized for loading and unloading palletized cargo

Easy to control

Easy to control

The Wing Body is a vehicle optimized to load and unload palletized cargo using a forklift, by simply opening and closing its wings found on both sides. Large quantities of cargo can be promptly loaded and unloaded, which allows for efficient shipment. The HMC Wing Body features simple operation. Anybody can easily open and close the wings and the side gates.

Bottle carrier

The Bottle Carrier is a vehicle optimized to transport drinking water.

Bottle carrier

Bottle carrier

The compartments enable separated transportation of different types of beverages.

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Actual models and specifications may be different by region.

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