The New Hyundai HD45 Has the Power to Deliver

Releases 05.02.2024

The narrow 1760 mm width and turning radius of 5.8 meters fits to city streets and the high level of equipment fits it comfortably to your budget. With a less noisy, low vibration engine which delivers prominent levels of fuel economy and ability to achieve higher levels of acceleration, HD 45 mounted with cargo, dry body, freezer units etc. applications are the favorite for Hypermarket operators, catering companies and restaurants among many other.

Features such as the large wrap around front bumper with recessed fog lamps, optimally mounted wide-angle rear-view mirrors, clear glass headlamps and side indicator repeaters make it deal for heavy traffic operation. Clean exterior design and integrated details such as the driver’s step, and rear cab protection adds to the overall styling of the compact truck. The engine of HD45L is less noisy with low vibration, exceptional fuel economy and can drive at high speeds also, all being achieved by the engine which comes with common rail fuel system & turbo charger.

No wonder that HD45 can carry a sizable load while still being able to maneuver crowded downtown areas or neighborhoods.