7m³ Mixer

Designed to transport concrete to construction sites while keeping it in the best condition.

Roles of the Mixer Truck

Roles of the Mixer Truck

The mixer is a concrete mixing transport truck. As it can evenly mix concrete through the blade of the drum during transport, the concrete can be used immediately upon delivery to a construction site.

7㎥ reduction gear

7m³ reduction gear

7㎥ Motor

7m³ Motor

9m³ Mixer

Its bulk transport capability guarantees higher profits per transport.

Power & durablity

Power & durablity

The high-capacity drum and high-duty chassis, which are used as its base, allow the transport of a large amount of concrete in one go.

9㎥ hydraulic pump

9m³ hydraulic pump

450L Watertank

450L Watertank

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