Special Bus

Wheel Chair Lift Bus

Designed to enable the handicapped to enjoy the freedom of movement.

On Floor type

On Floor type

A wheelchair lift and a fastener are applied to allow the handicapped who use wheelchairs to comfortably board and alight on and move on the bus. The wheelchair lift is placed on the bus floor behind the passenger seats or in between. It can be applied to all bus models from County to Universe.

In sliding type

In sliding type

As it is mounted on the lower portion of the side door, the wheelchair lift is not seen externally, but it can slide out from under the door if necessary.




It is designed to urgently transport a patient to a hospital and to enable the administration of first aid. Thus, it is equipped with the necessary medical devices for first aid and stretchers for patient transport.

County extra long body

Increase space

Increase space

This vehicle is manufactured by extending the rear part of the County by 400 mm to secure additional seats. With regard to seating, there are two options: the 2×2 type and the jumper seat type.

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Actual models and specifications may be different by region.

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