Tank Lorry

Tank Lorry

Designed to transport liquids with its cylinder tank

Fuel tank lorry

Fuel tank lorry

Intended to transport different kinds of oil. It can serve as a mobile gas station in case a flow meter is additionally installed in it. With regard to tank materials, there are two options: steel with epoxy coating and stainless steel.

Vacuum tank lorry

Vacuum tank lorry

Designed to collect excrement. It pneumatically sucks excrement collected in a septic tank and transports the collected material to a sewage treatment plant.

Water tank lorry

Water tank lorry

Designed to transport water. It can transport water for different purposes, along with drinking water. With regard to tank materials, there are three options according to purposes: steel with epoxy coating, stainless steel, and aluminum. Also, it can be used as a street flusher if water spray apparatus is additionally installed in it.

Home lorry

Home lorry

The Mighty class vehicle is employed as a mobile gas station. A high-speed dispenser and hose reel are installed on its rear-end as standard equipment.

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