Service Policy

Service Policy

Best Care, One Step Ahead

Easy Access and High Quality Service

Easy access and high-quality services will be offered anytime, anywhere to maximize the operating rates of buses and trucks, thus increasing the profitability and ensuring the success of the customers’ businesses.

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Hyundai Customer Promise

We value all our customers and we commit to:

  • Listen carefully and actively follow up what you tell us
  • Maintain a clena,safe and friendly environment
  • Schedule an appointment that is convenient for you
  • Attent to you promptly on arrival in a friendly and professional manner
  • Provide you with an accurate time and cost estimation
  • Obtain your prior authorization before commencing any additional work
  • Thoroughly explain all repairs performed and review all costs
  • Ensure the vehicle is returned at the time agreed in a clean and tidy condition
  • Make a contact to remind your sservice sue 15 days before the due of service

Service Booking & Call Center


We do recommend you to make Service Appointments for hassle free Periodic Services, also it helps us to serve you better with ease.

  • Minor Periodic Services
  • Consult with our Customer Service Executive for booking an appointment at your convenience.

    We can conclude the required service while you are waiting. Services can be availed at our Industrial area Main Service Centre with prior appointment.

  • Major Periodic Services
  • Consult with our Customer service while making service appointment. The delivery time may vary upon the jobs to be performed. Services can be availed at our Main Service Centre.

  • Warranty Related Repairs
  • Consult with our Customer Service Executive/Service Advisor, appointment not a requisite. Services can be availed at our Main Service Centre.

  • Body & Paint repair
  • Consult with our B & P Service advisor for Collision Insurance related enquiries & the vehicles can be handed over directly. Also the same will advise for the required repair time to reinstate the collision. Services can be availed at our Main Service Centre-Body & Paint Shop.

    Telephone (+974) /44602266/44604273 / Mobile: 33636192 (Mr. Arun/)

    Service booking:

    Please call on the following telephone number during business hours.

    Tel: (+974)44601841/44602266/44604273,
    E mail:

    Business Hours:

    Main Service Centre at Industrial area:

    Saturday-Thursday- 7:30am-12:00pm /1:00pm-5:30pm

Call Centre

Hyundai Truck & Bus (National Car Company) is always ready to serve you!

Please contact us and we are willing to provide you with useful and relevant information and support to resolve your issue quickly and effectively.

    Tel:(+974) 44602266 / 44664273 / 44601841

    Working Hours:Saturday-Thursday

    7.30 am – 12.00 pm | 1.00 pm- 5.30 pm

Service Package & Prepaid Contract

Service Packages

National Car Company offers attractive pre-paid service packages ** for almost every model at competitive rates. A pre-paid service packages agreement can be taken either at the time of a new vehicle purchase or alternatively by contacting our service reception. The service package typically covers materials , Lubricants and Labour charges as specified under the manufacturer regular Maintenances guidelines and is valid for a period in years & Kilometres (whichever comes first ).

Advantages of having a service Prepaid contract

  • Preferential service rates over the period
  • Fixed price not influenced by an increase in cost of material , lubricants and labour charges over the period
  • Complies with the manufacturer recommendations.
  • Hassel free settlement

Hyundai Truck and Bus Periodical Service - Prepaid Contract Rates
(Qatari Riyals)
S.No Mileage (Kms) 0-20K 0-40K 0-60K 0-80K 0-100K
Number of Years 1 2 3 4 5
Number of Services 4 8 12 16 20
1 HD45 1925 3905 5830 8180 10020
2 HD65/HD72/HD76 1925 3905 5830 8180 10020
3 EX8 2005 4035 6040 8070 10335
4 County Bus 1910 3850 5760 7700 9845

Replacement of Oils and Lubricants, Oil filter, Air filter Fuel filter are included in the Prepaid Periodical Service Contracts.

** Terms and Conditions Apply

Wear and Tear items like Brake shoes, Drum turning, drive belts, bulbs, wiper blades, Tyres and Battery etc. are excluded in the contract, it will be chargeable additionally. Any repairs due to misuse or due to accident are not covered under this contract. Above rates are subject to change without any notice.

Service Package & Contract

Hyundai Truck and Bus Periodical Service-Prepaid Contract Rates
(Qatari Riyals)
S.No Kilometers 0-20K 0-40K 0-60K 0-80K 0-100K
Number of Years 1 2 3 4 5
Number of Services 4 8 12 16 20
1 HD45 1925 3905 5830 8180 10020
2 HD65/HD72/HD76 1925 3905 5830 8180 10020
3 EX8 2005 4035 6040 8070 10335
4 County Bus 1910 3850 5760 7700 9845
Service Network

Service Network

Hyundai Motor’s trucks and buses provide high-level services in any place in the world through its 2,000 networks in 120 countries to assist its customers in achieving success in their businesses. By taking particular care in prioritizing customers, Hyundai Motor provides a high-degree of failure diagnosis through its hotline to minimize losses caused by service suspension, thus ensuring fast and stable service delivery.

Fleet Total Care Service

Fleet Total Care Service

Designed to provide in-depth and special support for success of fleet customers’ businesses. Vehicle checks through regular visits to fleet customers are intended to prevent the suspension of service in advance. Running cost monitoring is designed to understand and analyze the characteristics of fleet customers, in order to provide support for the success of their business activities at a minimum cost. Special support programs are provided to fleet customers including Driving Academy for optimized mileage, maintenance engineering programs for efficient maintenance, and discounts on original parts.

Provision of Parts

Provision of Parts

The service networks and parts supply chains can be used to provide original parts quickly. This means parts can be supplied in any place and at any time. If customers use the original parts of Hyundai Motor’s trucks and buses, the quality of their cars can be maintained as if they were new. Moreover, they can enjoy a powerful driving performance and the best fuel efficiency.

Mobile Service Truck/Van

Customers who use Hyundai trucks and buses can also enjoy mobile service, regardless of time and place, to resolve any problems with their vehicles. The networks are used to provide emergency service. Thus, even though vehicle breakdowns suddenly occur, professional services are swiftly supplied. When a breakdown occurs, please contact the Hyundai Motor's truck and bus service networks around the world wherever you are. Professional mechanics will be called out without delay to help you.

Mobile Service Truck/Van